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Volunteer Information

Important Times for the Day

  • Procession leaves the Arts Quad 9:45am
  • Procession arriving at Stadium 10:00-11:00am
  • Ceremony begins 11:00am
  • Ceremony ends 12:00pm
  • College receptions begin approx 12:30pm

Arts Quad Lineup of Students

  • College signs are set up around the quad. Note locations on the map on the printed Usher Information Brochure.

Procession Order of Each College

  • College Name Banner
  • College Dean
  • College Degree Marshals
  • College Symbol Banner
  • College Degree Candidates

Tassel Placement

  • Undergraduate students - right
  • Graduate students (PhD, MS, JGSM, Vet, Law) - left

Cap, Gown, and Tassel Supplies

Students pick up items at Teagle Hall during the week.
For extra supplies, size changes:

  • Arts Quad, large white tent near McGraw Hall, 8:30-10:45am
    (for walk-in orders, size adjutments, missing tassle)
  • Teagle Hall, Multipurpose Room, 8:30-11:00am
    (to pick up pre-ordered items)

Cap & Gown Return (Students)

Students return caps & gowns (tassle is theirs to keep) at one of these locations:

  • Teagle Hall Multipurpose Room
  • The Cornell Store
  • A Lot
  • B Lot

Restrooms on Arts Quad

  • Morrill Hall
  • Goldwin Smith Hall

Restrooms at Schoellkopf Field

  • Crescent - Under Crescent, access through stadium portals
  • West Entrance - Concourse
  • Mobility-Impaired - Adjacent to MI seating at south end of field

Refreshments and Water at Stadium

  • Refreshments are sold from concessions in back of Crescent.
  • Water fountains located under Crescent and on field by Schoellkopf Hall.

Cornell Store Hours

  • Saturday, May 27, 8am-7pm
  • Sunday, May 28, 8am-6pm

Lost and Found

Cornell Police, G18 Barton Hall, 607-255-7197, 9:30am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri.

Volunteer Parking

  • Place the pink parking permit on the driver's side dash or attach to driver's side windshield or easy viewing by transportation officers.
  • Enter from Caldwell Road near the B Lot (by Vet College).
  • Park in Kite Hill, C Lot along Campus Road near athletic fields, Wing Drive, Tower Road, N Lot, B Lot (buses to stadium start at 7:00am).

Check-in Time on Sunday Morning

  • Enter stadium via the road between Grumman Squash Court and Schoellkopf House.
  • Enter center doorway of Schoellkopf Memorial Hall from the field. Turn right and go down hallway to football locker room.
  • You must sign in and receive a red jacket and name tag.
  • Radios will be issued in the locker room for those assigned.
  • After signing in, report to your usher group leader at the reporting time unless otherwise arranged with your leader.
  • All usher jackets, name tags, and radios must be returned.

Severe Weather Procedure



  • Contact your group leader, a member of the emergency team (wearing an identifying vest), or a Cornell Police officer.
  • Blue-light telephones with direct lines to the Cornell Police are located at the north end of Schoellkopf Field out near the street, behind the Crescent at the south end, and on all levels of the parking garage.
  • Cornell Police may also be reached by calling 911 or 255-1111.

Medical Facilities

  • First Aid stations are located at the north end of the stadium in Schoellkopf House and at the south end under the mobility-impaired tent. Staff are there to assist.
  • Ambulances are located at the north and south ends of Schoellkopf Field and in back of the Crescent.
  • Please contact your group leader if a wheelchair is needed for emergency use.

Guest Bus Service and Parking

  • Parking is available for guests in the A Lot, B Lot, CC Lot, Tower Road (before 8:00am), and outlying areas.
  • After the ceremony, buses will be running routes to reception areas and to parking lots. Bus service is free. After 1:30pm, buses will continue to stop at designated campus bus stops every 10-15 minutes until 5:00pm.
  • A detailed map with bus routes and reception locations is included in the Commencement Program.

Mobility-Impaired (MI) Parking and Seating

  • Special parking permits for Hoy Garage (yellow) and TRB Lot (blue) are issued by Commencement Office.
  • Yellow Plan: These guests park in Hoy Garage and sit in chairs at south end of the field. Due to limited seating, one person may accompany the MI guest in this section. Advise additional family members to sit in general seating bleachers. There are NO seating tickets for yellow MI seating.
  • Blue Plan: These guests park in TRB Lot, ride a bus to the Crescent, and sit in MI section of Crescent (near the portals) using assigned blue seating tickets. Due to limited seating, each permit holder receives 6 blue MI seating tickets. Advise additional family members without tickets to sit near the MI section.

Candidate Seating Order & Tassel Color

Each college is announced as it enters the stadium. Tassel colors are listed below:

  • Graduate School, PhD Candidates - Gold
  • Graduate School, Master Candidates - Black
  • Veterinary Medicine - Gray
  • Law School - Purple
  • Johnson - Taupe
  • Hotel School - Red
  • Dyson School - Maize
  • Agriculture and Life Sciences - Maize
  • ILR School - Orange-yellow
  • AAP - Architecture - Blue Violet
  • AAP - Fine Arts - Brown
  • AAP - Planning - Peacock Blue
  • Human Ecology - Maroon
  • Engineering - Orange
  • Arts and Sciences - White

Location of College Receptions, 12:30-3:30p

Refer to the Commencement Program and campus map for locations.

Volunteer Check-in Times

Arts Quad - report 8:15am

  • Assist in lining up graduates; proceed with them from the Arts Quad to Schoellkopf Stadium; assure an orderly pace so that the ceremony begins on time.
  • Upon arrival at the stadium, some ushers will be asked to assist elsewhere in the stadium during the ceremony if needed.
  • Help line the recessional route at the end of the ceremony.

Crescent - report 7:45am

  • Assist with spectator seating, crowd control, distributing programs, and answering guest questions.

Field Seating - report 8:15am

  • Maintain orderly seating of the graduates on the field.
  • Line the recessional route on the field at the end of the ceremony.

Golf Cart Drivers - report 7:30am

  • Drive guests who need assistance to/from stadium and to/from college events. Must have experience driving a golf cart, carry a valid NYS driver's license, and be very familiar with campus.

Information Tables - report 8:00am

  • Occupy information table and answer questions asked by visitors in the morning.
  • After ceremony, continue to answer questions, direct guests to receptions, and then to buses after events.

Medical Services - report 7:30am

  • Help assist individuals who may need special care or treatment; coordinate efforts with Bangs ambulance and Cornell Police.

Mobility Impaired - report 7:30am

  • Assist in directing guests' cars in the garage and seating of guests with physical limitations. Help to make the guests as comfortable as possible.

Usher Registration - report 7:00am

  • Help with distributing/collecting volunteer nametags and red jackets.

West Entrances - report 7:15am

  • Assist procession from Hoy Rd into stadium. Direct guests along concourse to south end of field and Crescent. Hand out programs. Answer visitor questions. Help form recessional after ceremony.

Refreshments for Volunteers

  • A continental breakfast is available for volunteers in the locker room before shifts begin.
  • Please do not take the refreshments from the locker room, as guests may see you eating and wonder where to obtain the food or drink. (Please plan to bring your own snacks if you have special dietary needs.)

Volunteer Attire

  • Each volunteer will be given a red jacket and nametag at sign-in (must have bring photo ID).
  • Casual dress is appropriate (no shorts or jeans, please). Black slacks and white top go well with red usher jacket.
  • Most volunteers will be outdoors and moving actively on stairs and uneven surfaces, plan to wear comfortable shoes (clean tennis shoes are fine).
  • Be prepared for the possibility of several hours in the sun or steady rain. Please bring an umbrella, poncho, jacket or raincoat, and sunscreen.

Group Leaders

Faculty Regalia - Connie Mabry, 255-9541

Senior Convocation - Jennifer Davis, 255-5217

PhD Hooding Ceremony - Janine Brace, 255-5810

Mobility Impaired: Mark Howe, 255-1523
Crescent: Eric Lee, 253-3900
Field Seating: Bob Talda, 592-1699
Arts Quad: Corey Earle, 279-6585
Usher Registration: Amanda Jemison, 585-690-7861
West Entrances: Mike Boggs, 342-6633
Medical Services: Dan Maas, 327-1364
Golf Carts: Mike Baker, 255-7480
Information Tables: Cheryl McGraw, 351-1941


Thanks so much for volunteering to help with Commencement. We greatly appreciate all that you do!

Volunteers are invited to a special
Thank You Reception
Monday, June 5, 12:00-1:00pm
Willard Straight Hall, Memorial Room

Includes lunch with the president, grand prize drawings, many door prizes and giveaways. We hope to see you at the reception.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Commencement Office at 255-9541 or