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Accessibility Arrangements

Accessible Seating and Parking Information
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Special arrangements may be made for guests who have limited stamina, reduced mobility, feel challenged by large crowds, need sign language service, use a wheelchair/walker/scooter, or other situation where a guest is not well suited to our standard Park-n-Ride arrangement or general stadium seating arrangement. For an alternate seating-and-parking accommodation, please submit the ACCESSIBILITY FORM online by May 10, after reviewing options below.
NOTE: The form for 2018 will be online February-May, so please check back.

Accessibility Plans - Seating and Parking

Please understand that walking the hills of the Cornell campus can be quite strenuous and may quickly become too difficult for guests with health concerns or mobility limitations. Carefully review the information below and consider making the necessary plans to help make the weekend as safe and comfortable as possible.

As a courtesy, we provide accessible seating and parking areas for guests attending the University Commencement Ceremony in Schoellkopf Stadium on Sunday, as well as for the Senior Class Convocation in Schoellkopf Stadium on Saturday. The degree of impairment ranges from those who can walk only short distances unassisted to those who require wheelchairs, crutches, and need assistance.

Although these seating and parking arrangements will be helpful at Schoellkopf Stadium events, we strongly encourage the use of wheelchairs or transport chairs for the weekend, as so much walking of the hilly campus for other weekend events may quickly become too tiring for some guests. (Note: If you will be using a wheelchair, please request Option 1 (yellow) accessible seating and parking arrangements to accommodate guests with wheelchair.)

There are two parking and seating options available depending on the degree of impairment. Click here for a photo of mobility-impaired seating locations on Sunday.

YELLOW PLAN - Option 1

Saturday & Sunday: park in stadium garage & sit in chairs on field

Yellow Plan is for guests with ANY ONE of the following:
  • Wheelchair, walker, powered device, cane, crutches
  • Unable to step on/off bus
  • Needs assistance; unsteady on feet
  • Cannot use stairs
  • Needs chair with back support
  • Has vertigo or height fears
  • Needs to sit in hearing-impaired section for sign language interpretation

  • YELLOW Parking
  • 1 permit per vehicle (per family) to park in parking garage Saturday & Sunday
  • Unlimited number of guests allowed in vehicle (do not need to supply names of riders)
  • Ushers available to transport guests from car to chair via wheelchair, if needed
  • Parking permit may be used for Convocation (Saturday) and Commencement (Sunday)
  • Enter garage from Hoy Rd & proceed to 3rd level to unload, which is level with stadium floor
  • Plan to arrive at garage by 9:00am, as unloading and seating process takes time
  • Vehicles over 6'6" high will be directed to designated area near parking garage entrance

  • YELLOW Seating
  • No seating tickets issued for this seating area (1 person may sit with individual)
  • On the field, level with graduates
  • No stairs - approx. 100 feet of level walking (wheelchair shuttle is available)
  • Folding chairs with back support (space for wheelchairs)
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms

  • YELLOW Directions to Sunday College Events
  • Walk/wheel or drive from stadium (south end)
    Getting to Sunday College Events (Yellow Plan)
  • BLUE PLAN - Option 1

    Saturday & Sunday: park & ride bus to stadium & sit in bleachers

    Blue Plan is for guests able do ALL of the following:
  • Able to step on/off shuttle bus
  • Able to walk up/down 10 stadium stairs
  • Able to sit in bleachers (no back support)
  • Able to walk 100 feet unassisted
  • Is not bringing wheelchair, walker, scooter
  • Does not have vertigo or height fears

  • BLUE Parking
  • 1 parking permit per vehicle (per family)
  • Park in TRB Lot on Saturday & Sunday (map included with permit)
  • Parking permits are for Convocation (Saturday) and Commencement (Sunday)
  • Plan to arrive at TRB Lot by 9:00am
  • Unlimited number of guests allowed in vehicle

  • BLUE eating
  • 6 seating tickets issued with parking permit (valid Saturday & Sunday)
  • Reserved bleachers in stadium crescent both days
  • Some stadium stairs (1-10)
  • Allowed to bring portable/attachable back support for bleacher seating

  • BLUE Directions to Sunday College Events
  • Bus or walk from stadium Crescent (east side). Commencement Program will include campus map & bus stops for events.
  • REQUEST AN ACCESSIBILITY PLAN (2017 form is now offline). Apply for one plan, as it is for per vehicle, not per guest. The Accessibility Plan you select will provide your seating arrangements as well as a vehicle parking permit for a specific parking lot for easy access to your seating location. Therefore, you do not need to submit two separate requests.

    Wheelchairs, Walkers, Scooters, Transport Chairs

    Guests using a wheelchair, walker, transport chair, or scooter must obtain a YELLOW PLAN for a yellow permit to park their vehicle at Hoy Garage, to avoid stadium stairs or riding campus buses. The Blue Plan cannot accommodate wheelchairs, not event to set them aside.

    The university does not provide wheelchairs. If you have a family member who needs the assistance of a wheelchair, we recommend you rent one at home to bring to Ithaca, if possible. If you need to rent one in Ithaca, please be sure to ask about pickup and delivery arrangements, as some businesses may be closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (Memorial Day).

    Wheelchair rentals in Ithaca:

    Medical Supply Depot: 607-273-4727
    Finger Lakes Independence Center: 607-272-2433
    Professional Homecare: 607-257-1425

    Hearing Impaired - Captioning and Sign Language

    Live-captioning is displayed on the JumboTron (scoreboard) at Schoellkopf Stadium for Senior Convocation on Saturday and for Commencement on Sunday for all guests to enjoy. Also, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are located in the accessible seating area at the south end of Schoellkopf Field for both events. We ask that guests who need sign language interpreting service to please submit the Accessibility Form to request the YELLOW PLAN to receive the parking and seating arrangement to enter and sit at the south end of Schoellkopf Field where the ASL interpreters are located.

    For questions about accessibility arrangements, please review our FAQ page or contact the Commencement Office at 607-255-9541 or

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